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Info - who are we

We are Mäkiaho´s family. Timo owns the kennel and runs McAhon Safarit - company. Antti races in sleddog races with high ambition.

In our kennel there is 7-8 dogs in race training, 20-24 dogs running safaries ans various amount puppies and two small watchdogs ( German mittespitz and Japanesespitz mix)

This website is McAhon Kennel´s website, where we tell about our hobby. Introduce shortly our dogs. You can read blog and look gallery to get more information about training the dogs and stories about sleddograces.


This is how this all started

In skiing-vacation in Kuusamo v. 1999 we wanted to try something diffirent: snowmobile safari or sledriding with huskies  ??? Snowmobile smells gasoline and makes a lot of noise, so we walked to turist information to ask for husky safari .    Just second after we had driving instructions to husky kennel for sledride in shore of  Kitkajärvi. Next day we went to see kennel. We saw lot of dogs (about 60), sleds, hitchs, tug lines and also sweet 2-weeks old blue-eyes puppies.

We drived  with 6 dogs sled and caught the hook. That silence and speed...

In february 2001 husband red Keltainen pörssi ( newspaper full of advertises) and took his mobilephone and rang. We listened beside: What is he speaking? Is he  speaking DOGS???For sale was 4 dog, sled and equipments. We thought over weekend and rang again. We maked appointment to see the dogs next saturday. A week went by thinking are we nuts. We tryed to assume us, that there is many more crazy hobbies. Somebody would like to buy snowmobile, witch isn´t necessary for most of the people. 

Saturday dawned. Father and son went out to drive to Iisalmi and the rest of the family waited at home. Will they shop? What? How many? Where will they be applied? I phoned 13.50, what happens? And cheerful voice on the phone told me that this just loaded the dogs in the car. So, four dogs, sled, tuglines and harnesses. Next, we rushed the store to buying leaches, dog food, attachment chains, chain locks, shackles, cups ...

The next week we bought to build a net for kennel shelter and  more net, hooks. Built a temporary shelter by hacking poles to the ground and turning the dog net round. In February, the ground is frozen, they can not dig themselves out of there. Not able to do that before the summer .... The first working day after the huskies came and the owner of the kennel we found in the yard of the "foreign" dog. Hurry we counted the number of dogs. One was missing, but who is that? Yes, they know stop command, so the names only in single file: Jorma, Tytti, Tinka, Zena standing! Nobody had told me that the Siberian Husky is also able to climb up along a net as using a ladder. Again, raising the kennel, more woodpoles up. Eventually, we chainstitch  the best climber in the middle of the kennnel. Then began infighting. Had to build division to separate the dogs. Now we can keep the antagonists isolated from each other and bought more dognet. Fortunately, at the library found in The Blue Book. Doghouses were built just like in the book.

Spring came, and bitches came in heat. We noticed immediately how the kennel was temporary. Zena dug under a fence to Jorma secure and guarantee the puppies were born 08.14.2001. 7 sweet rat pups, and at home stayed absolutely wonderful Tessi (It's almost right ketkuli SH 2000 / 4)

Actual kennel were built then almost the entire summer of 2001. Finally: 10x10 m, 100 m2, in 4 sections, which can be combined into two sections, 4 doghouses, and for the puppies, "townhouse". Every department around 50 cm roof. Now, no one even climbed out, but the sliding door´s Sliding is a very easy thing.

Summer traing was useful. Soon we noticed the four dogs´ running one by one by bicycle brought the condition only to the farmer, yes, but the dogs found it just a "snack." Cyclinghelmet seemed to be necessary after second fall. So, a training cart? Soon, to the yard appeared ugly blue rattletrap, which had to be called traing cart. A little heavier to four dogs, so I showed up the next corner of a couple of light training rigs, which are still waiting for the birth.

Bathing felt comfortable  way  cooling the dogs in summer. Tytti was a real lifesaver. It decided who in the human can swim and who can´t. So, she dived after the swimmer and swim around the lake side front steer the poor people back to shore.

Winter training, too, we found out that the team hasn´t an open field leader. Must be trails to go. How to put tractor plowing the road on a grove of trees, therefore it would be good to own a snowmobile, which smells gasoline and makes loud noise.

In spring 2003 a new puppy Wintry Rosewood ...

McAhon kennel
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42100 Jämsä

tel: +358 40 5537021 Timo
tel: +358 40 7425736 Antti

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